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Build your Thermomix business to suit your lifestyle. Choose the hours, days and weeks that you want to work. You can run your business to fit around the realities of your life!

Whether you just need an excuse for some mid-week 'me time' or are searching for a career change that you can build your life around, the flexibility of your Thermomix business is infinite.

What does your Thermomix business look like?

Rewards video


At Thermomix, our independent Consultants receive exclusive rewards, offers, and earn commission on each Thermomix they sell. By sharing your knowledge and passion about Thermomix, you can earn substantial rewards! 

Imagine turning your Thermomix passion into a job that constantly rewards you, not only with an income, but knowledge, Thermomix accessories, learning opportunities and international travel.


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Travel the World with Thermomix

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China 2020 video

China 2020

Each year our top performing Consultants celebrate their successes at ThermoFest! You could be jetting to China in 2020 to meet the Thermomix masters, preview exclusive cooking demos, bond with like-minded Consultants and connect with the wider Australia and New Zealand Thermomix community.

Become a Thermomix Consultant today, and we could be seeing you in China! Don't believe us...?

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Knowledge video


Want to kick-start your career in the nutrition and food industry? Increasing your knowledge of food and nourishment is just the start of your Thermomix journey. 

The extra set of hands you keep on your kitchen bench, is now your key to business independence!

What does your Thermomix business look like?

Support video


We offer an infinite amount of business and marketing support; plus, ongoing professional development from our leaders.

At Thermomix, our independent Consultants are constantly learning and sharing their knowledge. The reality is, starting your own business can be challenging, but the support of the Thermomix family is with you from day one.

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Development video


Open the door to professional and personal growth. Right now, you could be developing your interpersonal skills, increasing your business knowledge and growing your network as a Thermomix Consultant.

Get in touch today, and start the growth in yourself that will extend far beyond your new business opportunity as a Thermomix Consultant.

What does your Thermomix business look like?

Community video


Thousands of unique individuals make up the Thermomix community. The joy, expertise, warmth, understanding and encouragement each of them bring is as special as the camaraderie you’ll share in. 

Becoming a Thermomix Consultant doesn’t make you a part of a network, it makes you a member of the family.

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