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Your local Team Leader can share their own Thermomix story and inspire you with others, answer your questions and help you understand how your Thermomix business can work for you, depending on how much time you can give and how much you'd like to earn.

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Business Info Session

Connect with other like-minded people, and learn all about how your Thermomix business can work for your needs by attending your local Business Information Session.

You'll learn all about Thermomix, how our direct sales model works, understand your training journey, the role of a Thermomix Consultant and explore your potential earnings. 

Live in the country? No problems! We can connect with you at one of our online sessions.

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Met your Team Leader and attended the Business Information Session? Click through if you still have some questions, or reach out to your Team Leader. 

We understand that timing is everything when it comes to life decisions, and will be here when you're ready.

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There are a few ways that you can become a Thermomix Consultant.

  • You can earn your Thermomix
  • You can buy your Thermomix and become a Consultant
  • You can bring your Thermomix that you already own
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We asked some of the team what their one piece of advice would be, to someone
thinking about becoming a Thermomix Consultant.

Unlock a world of support, and start your consultant journey

Catching up with a Thermomix Team Leader and attending a Business Information Session in your local area will equip you with everything you need to know about starting your journey as a Thermomix Consultant.

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So What Happens Next? video

So What Happens Next?

You have just unlocked a world of support, learning and growth, and are ready to start the 60-day program!

Earn While you Learn

Your Thermomix Team Leader becomes your mentor over the 60-day program, where you will complete your business building modules, have hands-on experiences learning recipes, and build your confidence participating in at-home Cooking Experiences. 
You can earn while you learn, and discover the sensational Consultant incentives.

You're never alone on your Thermomix journey, with other Consultants, your team leader, state leadership team and Thermomix head office behind you every step of the way

Can You See Yourself as a Thermomix Consultant? Get in Touch to Learn More.

Sit down with a local Thermomix
Consultant to learn more.

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