What does your Thermomix business look like?

A Career in the Making

Are you ready to kick-start your career as a Thermomix Consultant? Looking to challenge yourself, build your own business and climb the leadership ladder?

“I wasn’t getting a lot of satisfaction from my day job, I had been there for about 15 years at that point. I progressed in my career, in IT and accounting, but I was getting so much more satisfaction from my Thermomix family.

After being a Consultant on the side for about 12 months I quit my job and threw all of my time and energy into my Thermomix Business. 

The passion is still there, the satisfaction is still there. As a Team Leader now, I get to support my team of Consultants and push them to be their best self, just like my support network did for me when I had doubt at the start of my journey.” Heather, Team Leader

Full Time, Part Time, Anytime

Build your Thermomix business to suit your life. Flexible working hours and the online business system mean you make your own rules.

“I decided to become a Thermomix Consultant soon after purchasing my Thermomix. I went to this cooking demonstration, and saw the comradery and empowerment of this group and thought – oh yeah – I want to do that. I want to be a part of that.

I have a young family, and still work full time in my existing career. But being a Thermomix Consultant has given me back me-time. To do something I love, be challenged, be encouraged, and enjoy myself!” – Amy, Consultant

Something on the Side

Do you have a Thermomix moment that you love to share? Do you find yourself talking about your Thermomix at dinner parties, at work, the school drop-off? When you share your story, and inspire another's Thermomix journey, you could be rewarded!

“I just kept talking about my Thermomix. It was my Consultant who said, you should really give this ago. I didn't think I had the time, I am still a teacher part-time, and I love that. But the joy and fulfilment I get from my Thermomix business is completely different. 

I am the truest Marnie when I am hosting a cooking demonstration, or helping a customer, because I know the journey people go on. I have never been a good cook, that was always my sister. But now, I have this Thermomix, and it has changed so much. I’m confident in myself, I am confident in cooking… and I make the pavlova at Christmas now.” – Marnie, Consultant

Earn your Thermomix

Becoming a Consultant to earn your Thermomix is a sensational way to learn your capabilities and develop your cooking confidence in a supportive environment.

“After attending a cooking demonstration I was on board. I wanted one. But financially, it just wasn't something I could commit to at that point in time. I read about, and spoke to a Team Leader, about the earn your Thermomix option. 

At first I thought, how on earth am I going to sell a machine I don't have experience using?! But thought I would just sell what I needed to and then have my free Thermomix. Well three years later, they still haven’t got rid of me! I ended up just totally falling in love with it. Talking about it, teaching people, building a business and feeling success, my own success. The training, and the support – it is just out of this world.” – Chelsea, Consultant

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